Pinktober Awareness Session Empowers HiAST Students

HiAST recently arranged a special awareness session that was conducted by Dr. Kabira Memon, who is an experienced doctor. She talked about something very important called “Pinktober”. This is the month when we focus on breast cancer awareness.

During the session, Dr. Memon taught the students that it’s crucial to check their bodies regularly. She explained that one way to do this is by looking at themselves in the mirror. By doing this self-examination every month. We can catch any unusual changes early.  changes in the breast’s shape. She stressed how important it is to be aware of these signs and to seek help if they notice any of them.

Additionally, she reminded everyone about the significance of good hygeiene. Keeping our bodies clean and healthy is one way to reduce the risk of many health problems, including breast cancer.

Dr. Memon’s session was a valuable opportunity for the students to learn how to take care of their bodies and be aware of their health. It’s important for all of us to remember these important lessons during Pinktober and throughout the year.