MoU Signing

HiAST signed an MoU with the Pakistan Software Export Board and Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications for the establishment of the first-ever Software IT Park in Hyderabad at HiAST.

The key highlights of this initiative appear to be:

Location: The IT Park will be established at HiAST, which suggests that the institutions will play a crucial role in its development.

Capacity: The initial focus seems to be on training 500 students in emerging technologies. This indicates a commitment to building a skilled workforce in the IT sector.

Emerging Technologies: The mention of “intensive training in emerging technologies” suggests a forward-looking approach, which is crucial int he rapidly evolving IT industry.

Industry Boost: This initiative has the potential to boost the IT industry in Hyderabad by providing trained professionals and infrastructure for technology companies.

This partnership between HiAST, Pakistan Software Export Board, and the Ministry of Science. Technology, and Telecommunications seems to be a positive step towards fostering IT development and innovation in the region. It will likely create new opportunity for students and professionals int he field and contribute to the growth of the IT sector in Hyderabad.